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Two (2) Agreements (Posted 05-13-2018)

CTC (Proviso Yardmen) Agreement    Step-Rate Progression Agreement


Pre-Arranged Layoff Pilot Program

{Road Conductors Only}

Just click on the buttons for the TE&Y Overview and Agreement

Pre-Aranged Layoffs "How to Guide"              Paid Leaves Days/Single Vacation Days Agreement

HERE is the Claim for waiting over 30 minutes to get a room.

Just click on the button for the claim.

Hotel Claim


Here are Three Yard Agreements

1959-01-07 UTU System (Former BRT) Agreement     1960-11-30 UTU National Holiday & Vacation Agreement    1946-12-01 UTU System (Former ORC&B) Agreement


Here is your "Qualification Criteria for Promotion to Engine Service"

Click on the button below to download the complete Circular Letter and Letter to Labor Relations and Qualifications.

Print it out!  Have it with you at work.

 FIT Qualifications


Personal Leave Days

Years of Service

Personal Leave Days

Less than 5 Years

3 Days

5 Years and less than 10 Years

5 Days

10 Years and less than 15 Years

7 Days

15 Years and less than 20 Years

9 Days

20 Years or more

11 Days

Here is your "Yard Service Claim Write-Up Guide"

Just click on the button below to download the complete guide. Print it out for you to have with you at work.

Yard Service Claim Write-up Guide

If you have a problem, and are pulled out-of-service DO NOT sign any discipline waiver!  Call your Local Chairman or any of your Vice Local Chairmen.

If your are hurt in a cab or company vehicle, Please look at the 2002 National Agreement located in the " Info On Agreement" section. It is Article IX - Off-Track Vehicle Accident Benefits, page 28.

This is for all Brothers and Sisters of Local 577 in reference to Carrier Supervisor or Officials piloting your train. Please read SIDE LETTER NO. 7 and print a copy for yourself.

Click Here For Side Letter NO.7

Effective immediately - If you work on the road, and you exercise your seniority and place yourself on a  Board - you must now stay on that Board for thirty (30) days this will apply for the pool and extra board before you can exercise your seniority again to make another move.  This applies to all Road Conductors at Proviso, Global 2, Global 3, Global 4, West Chicago, and Belvidere.

Commuter Brothers and Sisters:

Please notify Local Chairman Ashraf [Tom] Bakr what pieces of your uniform are missing, also include a copy of your packing slip, and the invoice which shows what you ordered for your claims.  The UTU Uniform Agreement for Passenger Service Employees is now downloadable and viewable in the "New Info On Agreement" section. More information to follow regarding this matter.

Global III conductors, Please Send your claims to Local Chairman , Ashraf [Tom] Bakr.

The Union Pacific Railroad has restricted UTU Local 577ís Local Chairman, Ashraf [ Tom ] Bakr access to your pay records.  If you want him to be able to continue to review your pay records, guarantees, claims, and appeals you must authorize him to be able to help you.  You must put in  Local Chairman Ashraf  [Tom] Bakr .  Without doing this Local Chairman Bakr can not help with any payroll problems, or help with any and all claims or appeals.   He cannot process any claim issues, payroll issues, guarantee issues, or appeals on behalf of you without the members authorizing our Local Chairman Ashraf [Tom] Bakr.

Members - Here's what you need to do to authorize Local Chairman  Ashraf [Tom] Bakr access:

You must put in the Local Chairman's User ID in the "authorize Chairman access to pay screens" option located on your "personal info" page of your CMTS Menu.  If you have questions about this process, or experience technical problems, contact Cliff Johnson or Greg Cox in Timekeeping.  To obtain a reference document on this feature, go to the Employee Site and search keyword "Chairperson". 


Note: FRA Rule CFR 2290137 (c) (1) thought (5) .


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